Brand - RePlan stand for Recycling Planet!

In a world where the eco-sustainability is an important issue, RePlan is an answer. We brought the recycling on a Planet of ideas and solution to reduce dramatically the waste impact in our cities.

Philosophy - RePlan is not a traditional business but a philosophy of work.

The pipeline of RePlan's research is full of trials and solutions to recycle from the fruit-peel to the algae, from the wood to the bran. All these products are treated according RePlan patented processes and added in the EcoAllene material as additive to reach better performances and to avoid chemicals use.

RePlan is a great dream of four young guys.

The right balance between the power of a young entrepreneurship and the experience of 40 years is engine of RePlan. The four children of the inventor of EcoAllene decided to take this challenge. In order to do that they involved people coming from the paper additivation research world, from the high level plastic development and from the international marketing. This mix it's an incredible explosion of ideas, developments and trials. On a daily-basis, the power of youth and sensitivity of experience generate a positive "competition" that lead into something new to propose to the market.

RePlan and the technologies!

RePlan develop internally the technologies applied to produce its own materials. Working with so "unusual" raw materials it's impossible to use traditional technologies. This is why, after years of researches, the engineering team of RePlan studied light or heavy modifications to guarantee in every part of the world the same quality result of EcoAllene and its derivates.

RePlan in the world!

RePlan's started from a small town in Italy, but currently is interracting with people who are really interested for an ethical recycling and come from all around the world. Pakistan and Turkey are the first countries where RePlan will have a production plant, then Italy with a project with regions and discussion for partnership. Brasil, Mexico, New Zealand and other countries knock on our door to know something more about EcoAllene and, more important, our job method. Let's join our philosophy and we can create a better world.